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Arlington Chess Club Scholastic Chess Tournament

K-12 Students will earn a real chess rating from the US Chess Federation at our scholastic Tournament. A great place for K-12 students to:

  • Have a great chess-tournament experience
  • Begin playing rated chess
  • Grow in their chess tournament skills.


  • All players must not have graduated from high school.
  • All players must under 18 years of age.
  • All players must have a current membership in the US Chess Federation. Youth memberships are $20/year and can be purchased online at or from our club.
Trophies for an Arlington Scholastic Chess Event
A scholastic chess player


  • Championship - Open to all scholastic players.
  • Under 800 - Open to scholastic players rated under 800 or unrated players.
  • Under 400 - Open to scholastic players rated under 400 or unrated players.

If any section fails to have enough participants, sections may be combined.


Rounds: First round begins at 9:00am. All sections will play at least 4 rounds. Any sections finishing round 4 before 12:00 noon will play a fifth round.

Keeping Score: No time penalties will be issued for failing to keep score, but an adequate scoresheet is still required for some claims.

Trophies: Trophies will be awarded to top individual finishers in all sections. There are no team prizes.

Bring Your Lunch: There will be no lunch break, but we will have space for eating lunch, so please bring a lunch or snack.

Early Registration is $30; Day-of registration is $40. Four rounds with a time control of G/25;d5.


Players under the age of 15 must have a player/guardian/coach in the facility at all times. Direct questions an exception requests to


Please direct all questions to

Register for the next Arlington Scholastic

We do not sell equipment, but encourage you to visit Wholesale Chess. We recommend their Quiver Chess Set Combination and the Basic Digital Game Timer.

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