YES, we plan on playing Saturday morining. If UTA closes Saturday, we will post the change here.

Chess Tournaments

Our next tournament is the Arlington Chess Club Open #25.

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Chess Tournaments

We have chess tournaments. Some are scholastic - others are open. Some are USCF rated, some are not. Some are open to the public, some are by invitation only. If you would like to be notified about our tournaments, add yourself to our tournament announcement email list.

Tournament Announcements Email List

List of who has played at our rated tournaments.

Upcoming Tournaments in Tarrant County

Contact Us for information about these or other tournaments. Tournaments in the distant future are tentative.

Our Previous Tournaments

Other Local Tournaments (not ours):

June Two-Day Chess TournamentJune Two-Day Chess TournamentJune Two-Day Chess TournamentJune Two-Day Chess Tournament